Sports can be a powerful learning experience for young people. As for what they actually learn–that depends on the adults.

That’s me quoted above. I started competing in youth sports at age six, played a Division I sport, and have coached for over 20 years. I have seen the good, the bad & the ugly. As a coach, my mission has always been look after the interests of the young people I teach and mentor, but that job cannot be done by me alone. All of the workshops I teach have grown out of the real challenges of collaborating with families and coaches to raise athletes, and are designed to provide practical guidance for navigating the often confusing world of youth sports.

Coaches Workshops

Get Better, Faster: Attention, Learning & Skill Deveopment

Performance starts with effective training, and effective training is built on the science of attention. Learn how to apply this science to optimize your practices, and how this can have global benefits for young athletes.

Growth Mindset vs. Talent Mindset

Learn how the subtle differences in how we talk to our kids about success and failure have big impacts. (Credit to the research of Carol Dweck and many others in the area of youth development.)

The Power of Process

Process orientation is the hidden bedrock of driven individuals and groups. Learn tools for practicing it, and strategies for embedding it in your teams DNA.  

Undoing the Confidence Myth: Adversity & Emotional Resilience

Learn why adversity may be the greatest benefit of youth sports, and how to guide your athletes through it while building true and lasting confidence


Parent Workshops

Is It Really Worth It?

Have youth sports gotten out of control? Is it really worth the time, money and stress? The short answer is YES–if you know how to approach them. Learn where the true value of youth sports lies, and how to help your kids have a beneficial experience while maintaining a little sanity for yourself.

Talking to our Kids about Success and Failure

Seeing your kids fail on field can be the hardest part of sports parenting. Learn why it can also be the most valuable part, and how small changes in the way communicate ideas of success and failure can have big impacts.