Justin was raised in the safe, suburban part of Detroit, and spent most of that time compulsively playing sports and overachieving to avoid sitting still. He went on to play Division I tennis at the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in Journalism and Competitive Everything.

As an adult, Justin continues to work on the stillness thing.

He has enjoyed a successful career in advertising, and a (potentially related) crisis of meaning.

He has coached either part-time or full-time for over twenty years, and swears he will never play tennis again, while continuing to get paid to do so.

In 2010, Justin began studying meditation. He now meditates for up to ten days at a time without speaking, studies neuropsychology for hours, but otherwise still struggles to sit still.

In 2012, he founded Mindful Power. He seeks to be his own boss and teacher, but all of his most important lessons come from his students.

As of 2019, Justin is pursuing his PhD at the University of Minnesota, studying psychology, design, and education, and is a graduate research assistant in the Boreas Leadership Program. He plans to redesign public education for a more creative, collaborative & conscious future.

He is looking forward to his lesson in humility.